The Healing Artist
Janet Bernson
Conscious Language & Energetic Expressive Arts 
for  Health  & Transformation 

i Listen to My Body®

Hear the Message

for Self Discovery, Healing & Creativity

talk • workshop • seminar • book • inservice training

i Listen to My Body® was developed in 1990 for AIDS and cancer survivors as a means of reconnecting to our body; to honor and own the valuable lessons stored within. It has been employed in domestic violence shelters, substance abuse recovery and counseling facilities and with people facing serious illness.

We often take for granted the body-machine we inhabit. This machine sends messages that we often ignore until we are too sick to heed its warnings. Using laughter, an assortment of arts, breathing, movement and more, we are better prepared to listen, feel & heal.

In this Powerful & Interactive Experience Participants Will
  • Learn effective ways to breathe easy
      • Learn how to hear the body “speak”
      • Re-member and reintegrate the body
      • Embrace inner well being
      • Develop awareness about health & dis-ease

I’m not normally artistic or creative. Perhaps this is because of fear. But this workshop helped me feel more comfortable with my body. I feel inspired!
               Kitty W., Trauma Survivor

I feel so much better now that I can re-member my body! It’s great to know how to listen again.
                Paula G., Cancer Survivor

  1. Pranic Healing is a highly developed & tested system of energy energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize & transform the body’s energy processes.

  2. NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) & our patterns of behavior and emotion (programs).

  3. hypnotherapy = a combination of hypnosis & therapeutic intervention . The therapist leads the patient to positive   change while the patient is deeply relaxed in a state of heightened suggestibility called trance.

  4. Conscious Language = using our words on purpose by having self-control and being subject only to one’s own highest wishes and desires, with freedom to act; living and being our most effective, loving, empowering, and respectful selves.

  5. creative expression = Visual arts, improvisational & comedic theatre, dance movement, story telling, writing & sound

  6. ecology = Environmental awareness, ethical consumerism, alternative energy & social justice.

  7. homeopathy = Based on the belief that “like cures like” - illness can be cured by taking a minute dose of a substance that,   if taken by a healthy person would produce symptoms like those being treated.

  8. energy medicine = Imbalances in the body's "energy field" result in illness. By re-balancing the body's energy field health can be  restored.  Methods employed: QiGong, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Energy name but a few.